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individuals - Urs Gantenbein Kaospilot

Council & Guidance

How could your adventure look like?

What if your whole life is an adventure? What if your profession,- family,- relationship is filled with exploration, discovering, awe and wonder? I support you from where you are now to… well… you are in charge lets discover how your adventure could look like.

Personal Goals

Where are you right now?

What is works right now just as you imagine? What could be different? What is it that makes you thrive? What do you want to see more of in your life?

New Family situations?

Bonus Father or a Bonus Mother?

I can be challenging to be the “new” one in a family. How to build an intrinsic relationship with a child? How to connect without chocolate, movies and other substitutes? What agreements are needed between you and your partner that this is fruitful?